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Where can i find the meanings of Panic at the disco songs?

ive been looking but i cant find any good web sites

Where can i find the meanings of Panic at the disco songs?
Reply:I'll tell you the meanings to ALL of their songs.

"We wrote these catchy meaningless songs so little kids like Boola N will buy our merch, our music, and obsess over us. We can't play instruments, and we don't write our own music, but luckily enough, we are adored by hundreds of kids like that, and so we get by and are insanely rich."

Songs with messages & hidden meanings?

I was listening to the radio yesterday and Take Thats new song Shine came on and the lyrics were really deep and meaningful for me having suffered in the past from an eating disorder. It got me thinking that there must be other songs out there with hidden meanings or messages that relate to eating disorders and other mental illnesses. I would like to put a CD together. Does anyone have a song that sticks in their mind because it resonates with them for what they have been through or are going through? If so please share your thoughts and why that song.


Songs with messages %26amp; hidden meanings?
"lip up fatty" by bad manners
Reply:Iris (city of angels theme song) by the Goo Goo Dolls

It talks about how you can feel alone in a world full of people.
Reply:Let's Not **** Ourselves (To Love And Be Loved) by Bright Eyes.. The bit near the end when he describes a conversation with his dad in the hospital... really got me..
Reply:Yeah, I totally know what you mean. I love music because it can help heal us when we need it.

When my mom died I kept the Foo FIghters :Its times like these" on my mp3 player and listened to it like a million times. I still listen to it several times a week.

Recently, ( a few months ago) I bought the Blue October album and really like it because the lead singer suffers from Bipolar disorder. Even the upbeat songs are pretty dark if you listen to the words or know what it is about. One is Hate me today.... THe video is awesome you have to watch it.... And another one about a ship going to shore. The video is about a cruise ship and it deals with getting over wanting to kill yourself.

Also, Nirvana is always good, for sure.... Tori Amos she has remade a couple of Nirvana songs that are great. Good luck
Reply:There are tons of songs like that. I think it's important to find music that resonates with you, because it's much more enjoyable when you can understand it.
Reply:Mike Oldfield's "Talk About Your Life" has the line"It's not easy going where no one goes, and no one knows". It really spoke to how I often feel isolated as someone with Asperger's. The Song "Liberation" which uses quotes from Anne Frank's diary spoke to me of hope in the worst circumstances.

"17 Again" by the Eurythmics has the lines "Thought that you'd done everything, you didn't have a clue". It reminded me how disastrous my university attempt was because I hadn't realised how much of a problem Asperger's was at university.
Reply:I think songs really differ from person to person. Different people will have different reactions to different songs.
Reply:Behind Blue eyes is very deep I think it is by Limp Biscuit
Reply:check out, that might help, good luck!
Reply:The pass by Rush. This is such a good song about how you expect life to be something and then you find it lets you down and how hard that can be.

Calling all angels by Jane Sibley - This is a great song about har times and how things can seem so much better when you ask for help.
Reply:eminems stan i find really thoughtfull
Reply:I think imagine has hidden messages
Reply:"From a Balance Beam" or "Perfect Sonnet", both by Bright Eyes.

See, this is the exact reason that makes "musicians" like Britney Spears no good. There is no importance, no real meaning in her music. It's about sex and relationships, and its all blaitantly obvious. Music needs depth, it needs to be abstract and symbolic. I'm glad you recognize this.

Peace, and best of wishes :)
Reply:Losing my Religion %26amp; everybody Hurts... REM

IN the 60,s advertisements on tv and music had subliminal messages, which are hidden, and affect the subconscious mind...this was done by creating another sound using another deck, playing the two at the same time and recording the two together, so the subliminal message, such as, BEANZ means HEINZ, was just a fraction below audible level but ???? HMMMM!!! Do you know, I fancy some beans right now!!

This was banned in the early seventies, but films still advertise products, in a similar legal, a packet of kelloggs clearly in shot, but as you are watching the action,

probably did not notice it....companys pay to have their products showcased in films, so when you get home, you have a feeling of deja vu, when your in the kitchen making a coffee and glance at your cereal packet.
Reply:Elton John, Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds. "LSD" Tripping.

Does not mean anything TO ME on a personal level, just thought it was along the lines of what you are asking.
Reply:All songs can have meanings for us, to refer to them as having hidden messages is a little worrying. In psychiatry there is a term called 'ideas of reference' whereby some people believe that the radio or tv is speaking to them. It is something you might want to check out with your G.P.
Reply:you should listen to some songs by goo goo dolls john rzeznik has produced some serious lyrics that get you thinking, i am biased though but have a listen to them xxx
Reply:Linkin Park's new song... What I've Done.

i think its about like all of us contributing to make a worse planet

What are the meanings of these songs?

Like, why were that written?

Hurt -Christina Aguelara

Say -John Mayer

One Fine Wire -Colbie Callait

Bottle it Up -Sara Bareilles

And if you have any other songs that have kind of interesting meanings, please tell me.

What are the meanings of these songs?
Go to and search them .. there is lots of opinions there.
Reply:christina Aguilera wrote hurt in memory of her father.

u can find the rest here...
Reply:hurt means she has just been cheated by her boy friend.

say cold mean i love u so i need u to say yes.

one fine wire means a beautiful rose girl

bottle up; come rock with me in my world.

a song that i love so much; touch my body by mariah carey

Can u help me find songs with related meanings?

not songs that sounds the same but one that have the same meanings in the lyrics

Can u help me find songs with related meanings?
where'd u go by fort minor

Nintendo Wii

Who knows how to get the lyrics and meanings of songs?

besides google and translate....or other such things....

i saw a question once that had a link to a site where alot of songs where translated and it said what the song was about like its meaning or history. the site was something like or but i tried those and it doesnt work can you help me please?

Who knows how to get the lyrics and meanings of songs?
I don't know about meanings of lyrics, but I use this site to find lyrics... Just add an s.

Songs with deep meanings?

does anyone know any songs with very deep meanings to them? i would preffer r%26amp;b or jazz... but if its any other genre thats fine too

(i dont like hard rock/metal though...)

slow/soft rock is fine... r%26amp;b... pop hip hop jazz etc etc..

just the song and the artist, thanks in advance!!

Songs with deep meanings?
**********************BEST ANSWER HERE************************

By far the DEEPEST SONG I EVER heard was "Amongst Kings" by Nas.

So deep, wasn't released in the US - only in the UK as a "B" side.

Yo, Nas analytically breaks down when he dies, the things he sees; directions he chose; etc...

But, there's a twist - he committed suicide.

Ridiculous beat; ridiculous lyrics; ridiculous concept. DEEP, because in one of the lyrics, he tortures himself and says, "I could have been an Atheist and escaped this sh*t."

Enough said.......That's DEEP!
Reply:pretty much all taking back sundays songs. my favorites are no "i" in team and make damn sure
Reply:Janis Joplin's Ball and Chain don't mean much, but gives me chills, makes the hair on my arms stand up, each of the many many times I have heard it. Her voice is so raw and full of pain

Songs with inner meanings?

I was listening to "Wild WIld West" by Escape Club in the 80's and realized something. A web site confirmed this.

This is a Cold War song.

Johnny's in the back room waiting for the big boom (probably refering to a nuclear war).

Sherrif's on the airways talking to the DJ's (probably as warnings)

Ronnie's got a new gun (good reference to Ronald Reagen's major weapons build up).

anyone know any other good songs with inner meanings?

Songs with inner meanings?
it's a mistake - men at work (nuclear war)

99 red balloons - nena (nuclear war)

Luka - suzane vega (child abuse)

little red corvette - prince (well, you know)

there are so many!
Reply:There is a little known song recorded by Paul McCartney, called, "After The Ball." I believe he wrote it for Linda....describing how after the break-up of the Beatles, she was there, waiting for him,supporting him and loving him. It is on the album, "Back To The Egg."

After The Ball

Paul Mccartney

After the ball, after the ball,

You were the one out in the hall,

You were the one,

The one who would love me after the ball.

After the ball, after the ball,

You were the one out in the hall,

You were the one,

The one who would love me after the ball.

Well, I arrived, looked around,

But the room was full of strangers.

Nowhere was a friendly face to be found.

Later on, I awoke,

But the party it was over,

There you were, waiting to bring me 'round.


After the ball, after the ball,

You were the one out in the hall,

You were the one,

The one who loved me after the ball.

After the ball, after the ball,

You were the one out in the hall,

You were the one,

The one who loved me after the ball.
Reply:I think every song has an "inner meaning"

my favorite song is "Cigaro" by System of a Down

"We're the regulators that de-regulate,

We're the animators that de-animate"(refering to how the govornment doesnt do thier jobs properly"

"burning up the worlds resources, then we turn and hide"


"my c*ck is much bigger than yours,

my sh!t stinks much better than yours"(refering to how the govornment thinks they are better than everyone else)

not sure if that is what u meant by "inner meaning" but its a good song..

Also, "Devil in a Midnight Mass" by Billy Talent refers to a pedofile priest who molested the boys in his church group, and threatened to kill them if they told anyone..

"He preyed behind stained glass"

"Silent night for the rest of my life

Violent knight at the edge of your knife

Forgive me father... Won't make it right

Silent night for the rest of my life

Silent night at the edge of your knife"

"The holy water in his hands

Can never wash away his sins"

"Put my trust in God that day

Not the man that taught his way"